HAL/D-BUS - 1 more time

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Apr 25 05:01:57 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I'd like to revisit the HAL issue again to see if there is any more
news or information regarding it. Most people that have commented so
far simply say "All you have to do is use the new GNOME auto-mount
program (I've forgotten its name), and everything will work the same".

Well, not really. I like KDE. Though I build GNOME, and monitor its
development, I prefer the KDE desktop. Now I don't know what KDE tool
is used to automatically mount disk drives when they are hotplugged
or inserted into the drive, but I know it "just works".

To clarify, when I say "automount", I don't mean that the device
needs to be clicked on in the GUI desktop or some other manual
intervention required to access it, I mean it is *automounted*.
Which means mounted immediately upon insertion, without any manual

With the current BLFS HAL setup, which uses the fstab-sync method of
updating /etc/fstab in the automount process it works in KDE.

My question is, how is this going to work now in KDE when there is
no longer the fstab-sync operation to update /etd/fstab? I don't
want to update HAL/D-BUS and have GNOME work great but KDE
automounting broken.

I have not installed the new HAL/D-BUS combination and tested with
KDE yet. Has anyone else?

Unlike others who have commented and their primary use for
automounting is in the actual GUI desktop environment, I, and I can't
help think but many others, need this functionality system-wide, not
just from GNOME or KDE.

For example:

KDE is being run by user A on machine X. However user A is not
*using* KDE at the moment, instead user A is also logged into
machine X via SSH on some other machine. When a device is plugged
into a USB port, or a CD inserted into the drive, of machine X
(even if this required a phone call to a person who had physical
access to machine X if User A does not at the moment), it becomes
available system-wide, without any interaction in the GUI desktop.

User A can access the device from his remote SSH session. With the
new HAL/D-BUS setup, can this operation still be done?


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