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Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Apr 24 17:33:20 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 04/24/06 18:28 CST:

>>  We might want to mention in the gcc pages how to enable FORTRAN
>> and other gcc languages in the 3.3.6 page.  I do think Ada is beyond the
>> scope of BLFS.
> I disagree here. I believe that some folks may have a need to compile
> something with GCC C or C++ of vintage version. Or perhaps they need the
> .5 library. But providing instructions to install other compilers of
> such a vintage version is not setting the right tone for our book.
> If someone needs a vintage (we're talking now several releases behind,
> 3.4.x, 4.0.x, 4.1.x) version of some odd compiler, surely they will
> know how to install it.
> Or should we go back and add Python-2.1 and Perl-4.x to the book. :-)

I think you didn't understand what I intended to say.  Right now we have
--enable-languages=c,c++ in the configure line.  I was just suggesting
that we add a comment in the command explanations:

--enable-shared --enable-languages=c,c++ --enable-threads=posix:
Configures GCC to build the C and C++  compilers and enable the related
C++ options.


"In addition to c and c++, you can add f77 for FORTRAN and objc for
Objective C.  Ada is a more complicated installation and not supported
in BLFS."

  -- Bruce

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