OpenOffice and db-4.4.x

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Apr 23 08:45:01 PDT 2006

Hi guys.  Sorry for the silence lately.  OOo build time.  I'm putting in 
a warning against using the system installed db-4.4 unless anyone has an 
idea as to how to make the OOo build play nicely with db.jar from 
db-4.4.  I keep getting segfaults in the java compiler (segfaults 
because of processes killed by OOM with 512MB memory and about 3GB of 
swap).  I've fiddled with it for five evenings.  I've poked and prodded 
everywhere I know to look, but I can't seem to get a fix for this one. 
There is an experimental (ark) patch that uses the system libxslt 
instead of xalan (supposedly resolving the segfault by not caching 
xalan), but seems a little too drastic a change for the book.  Otherwise 
OOo-2.0.2 is good, and works well with the internal build of db-4.2. 
I'm updating the book shortly.  If anyone has any ideas or pointers 
about a system db-4.4 and xmlhelp, please speak up.


-- DJ Lucas

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