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Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Apr 22 10:45:05 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I've known all along that after the LFS move to GCC-4.x.x, we have a
hole when it comes to a Fortran compiler. I've really never thought
about it until today when I had a need to compile something written
in Fortran.

The GCC-4.x.x version of Fortran is no longer a Fortran 77 compatible
compiler. It is an Fortran 95 compatible wannabe that is not yet ready
for prime time. GCC-4.x.x provides the gfortran compiler, so anything
looking for {f,g}77 will require a different version of GCC Fortran.

I'm not saying this because it is my opinion, these remarks are
paraphrased from the GCC documentation. If you have the GCC-4.x.x
Fortran installed, you can see for yourself by reading the beginning
of the gfortran man page. This documentation goes on to say that if
you need a production-use Fortran compiler, to use the one provided by

We have GCC-3.3.6 in the book. This would probably be adequate, but
I'm wondering if we shouldn't add GCC-3.4.6 to the book, with
specific instructions to install the C and Fortran compilers in /opt.
I don't mind preparing the page and there would be no maintenance of
it going forward. Keep in mind that we have at least one package in
BLFS (PDL) that requires a F77 compatible compiler for full

Comments are welcome.


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