Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Fri Apr 21 16:37:32 PDT 2006

Thomas Trepl wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 April 2006 20:12, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Currently we have  NCPFS-2.2.4 in the book.  This package contains
>> client and administration tools for use with Novell networks.
>> ...
>> Due to the lack of interest and the lack of testing capability, I
>> propose dropping this package from the book and closing the ticket as
>> wontfix.
> Don't do that. It would be too bad about the work had been put in to write the 
> chapter about ncpfs.
> I could try to build and test the (newer) package at work. It may last a while 
> cause there is a lot of other stuff to do but I'm sure there will be minute.

OK, I won't drop the package if you can test NCPFS-2.2.6 (or later)
against the current instructions using gcc-4.0.3, binutils-2.16.1, and
linux- (or later) and  glibc-2.3.6.

If you don't have those, I can send you a compiled version of ncpfs that
you could install and test.

If that doesn't work out, we'll just drop the package from the book and
put an entry in the wiki that the procedures build OK, but we have not
way to test for proper operation.

  -- Bruce

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