Updating ALSA

Andrew Benton b3nt at ukonline.co.uk
Thu Apr 20 14:38:54 PDT 2006

Chris Staub wrote:
> What about mpg123, which is listed by BLFS as "requiring" alsa-oss? It's 
> possible that BLFS is simply wrong, since mpg123's Makefile has a 
> "linux-alsa" target. I'm trying to test this myself, but I'm having 
> problems getting it to compile at all, possibly due to GCC 4.1/Glibc 2.4...

ALSA changed substantially when ALSA-libs went past version 0.9. mpg123 
hasn't compiled against ALSA since. I used to use it to stream radio 
from my digital TV card. Now I have to use dvbstream to pipe the program 
stream to an mp3 file and play that with xine.
Two other things which are OSS only are the proprietary binaries 
(Firefox plugins), macromedia Flash and Realplayer. I miss them, but not 
enough to make me want to compile OSS (I get better sound quality if I 
keep things ALSA only).


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