Updating ALSA

William Zhou armageddonmagic at 163.com
Thu Apr 20 09:46:31 PDT 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Dan Nicholson wrote:
>> Alexander,
>> Do you use any apps that are OSS only?  I can't think of any.
> I know, but don't use the following OSS-only apps:
> sox (ALSA support fails to build from source because it attempts to use 
> kernel interface directly, which should not be done)
> cdda2wav -e (doesn't work with aoss, though)
> quake
> For testing, xmms or beep media player with OSS output plugin selected 
> would work fine.

Here is one with OOS only: Skype. There should be something else, but can't recall them right now.

Quake has an ALSA client, which is available in http://distfiles.gentoo.org/distfiles/quake3-1.34_SVN632M.tar.bz2 .


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