Fwd: PDL build failure with perl-5.8.8

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Subject: Re: PDL build failure with perl-5.8.8

> All I need to know is if perl's bundled MM_Unix.pm should be patched as
> per the link above, or if the problem lies with PDL.

Afaik, the problem is with MM_Unix.pm, but the latest PDL sources (from the
CVS repository) incorporate a workaround that ... ummm .... should work
around that problem - so patching MM_Unix.pm should be unnecessary.

If you find that the latest PDL sources (from the CVS repository - see
http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=612 ) still won't build, please provide
the PDL-porters list with details. We (PDL developers/maintainers) can't
patch MM_Unix.pm but hopefully we *can* patch PDL so that any MM_Unix.pm
bugs don't prevent PDL from building.


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So now what? Still nothing concrete. The version of makemaker in
perl-5.8.8 was drastically changed after 5.8.7. Since then, perl up to
5.9.3 has not made any changes in the area that the unofficial patch
modifies. I'm going to try the cvs PDL. If it builds with their changes,
I'll close the LFS ticket and update the BLFS ticket. If it still


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