koffice and kde menus

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at thewizardstower.org
Sat Apr 15 15:30:47 PDT 2006

* Bruce Dubbs <bdubbs at swbell.net> [2006-04-15 17:20]:
> I've been working with koffice 1.5.0 and have run into problems.
> 1.  After installing koffice, my kicker menus/functions are generally
> hosed. The K-menu lost 90% of its functionality.
> 2.  I can't run kcontrol.  When run from the command line, I get:
>  kcontrol: WARNING: No K menu group with X-KDE-BaseGroup=settings found!
>  Defaulting to Settings/
> 3.  Within the KDE Help Center, the Application Manuals, Applet Manuals,
> and Control Center Modules are empty.

That's weird. I installed 1.5.0 over KDE 3.5.0 yesterday and none of
those three things happened. KDE is working as usual.

(I personally use xfce, but my mate uses KDE. I haven't used it
extensively, then, but I did test the three things you mentioned above,
plus a few others.)

My installation is 95% by the book: I use some mild optimization gcc
flags, and I disable installation of some KDE packages.

Let me know if I can help or if you want me to run some tests or

Miguel Bazdresch

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