koffice and kde menus

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sat Apr 15 14:41:49 PDT 2006

I've been working with koffice 1.5.0 and have run into problems.

1.  After installing koffice, my kicker menus/functions are generally
hosed. The K-menu lost 90% of its functionality.

2.  I can't run kcontrol.  When run from the command line, I get:

 kcontrol: WARNING: No K menu group with X-KDE-BaseGroup=settings found!
 Defaulting to Settings/

3.  Within the KDE Help Center, the Application Manuals, Applet Manuals,
and Control Center Modules are empty.

I've tried rebuilding arts, kdelibs, kdebase (3.5.2), and koffice(1.5.0)
from the command line and get the same thing, even from a freshly
created user.

Has anyone seen similar problems?

I will try to rebuild again without koffice and see if I can get things
working again so I'll be offline a while.

  -- Bruce

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