mailx nitpick

Archaic archaic at
Sat Apr 15 13:30:28 PDT 2006

On Wed, Apr 05, 2006 at 01:08:02PM -0500, Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Good catch on the man links. I will add them. I can go either way
> on the nail symlink. We'll see if anybody else comments.

Well, I finally built the new heirloom mailx. Something is wrong. They
dropped the nail reference (which is why I mentioned dropping the
symlink), but they left /etc/nail.rc. This at first looks like a
packaging bug and seems it should be mail.rc. A quick parsing of the
docs, though, mentions the concept of old-fashioned mail options and
new-fangled nail options should be separate (though assumably only on a
system that actually has more than one {n,m}ail{,x} binary, which BLFS
does not. I admit I didn't look close, so this is just a note for
whoever has time to look into it.


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