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Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Apr 15 13:10:52 PDT 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 04/15/06 14:52 CST:

> So far, it's looking like all lowercase is in the lead with one vote
> by Archaic and a possibly implicit vote by Randy judging by how you've
> entered them on the book pages.  I'm indifferent.  Bruce?

Well, I'd like to see all lowercase as well. And thanks for pointing
out what you were talking about. I was a bit dense about it.

But logically, isn't lowercase the easiest from a consistency point
of view. I looked at the links you made on that page. There is no
way to get that logically from the book's sources. And the books'
sources is all there is.

What I used was the filename of the .xml file in lowercase less the
extension. That could be a standard. This would be very similar to
the package name xref id tag, with some minor variances. I didn't
use the id tag as there are still some with uppercase. The filenames
I knew were all lower case. That's why they were used.

Bottom line is that you made those wiki links without consulting the
group, or even mentioning it on list that you had done it. How was
anyone to know. For example, the Mpg123 page is listed everywhere on
the page cased as I wrote it, yet the wiki link you listed is MPG123.
All uppercase.

Please note I am not blaming you, or saying you did wrong, or anything
of the sort. I'm only saying I didn't know you had done this else I'd
have tried to match what you had done. Though some of the links you
created would be impossible to determine using the book's sources.

Anyway, you did right by bringing this up and forcing it to a head
so a decision can be made. Whether we change the book or the links
you've created, we'll let Bruce decide, but I can't help but think
that whatever standard we use will be some sort of derivative from
the book's sources and the wiki links you created must be changed.


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