KDE requirements and dependencies page

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Apr 15 10:03:36 PDT 2006

Miguel Bazdresch wrote these words on 04/15/06 11:55 CST:

> I'm thinking of installing kde 3.5.2, and while perusing the kde.org
> website I found this page:
> http://kde.org/info/requirements/3.5.php
> It's very useful: it lists all dependencies, whether they're required,
> recommended, or optional, and exactly what effect the package has on
> KDE's behavior.

Yes, that page really helped me a long time ago when major updates
to the KDE dependencies were put in. The problem is with that page
though, is it is so very dated. I don't think they update it any
longer, and some of the reasoning in the descriptions is just plain
wrong now. In fact, some of the dependencies list are incorrect now
as well.

As far you updating the Wiki, you should be able to. At least that
is my understanding.


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