Jürg Billeter j at
Sat Apr 15 04:39:27 PDT 2006

On Fre, 2006-04-14 at 19:19 -0500, Randy McMurchy wrote:
> A new version of libpng was released today and there are some changes
> I'd like to throw out on the table for discussion. Here are summarized
> topics.
> 6. There are no API changes to speak of. This release is mostly
> just bug-fixes, the change to autotools, and some new additional
> custom makefiles.

The autotools version doesn't export the same set of functions as libpng
1.2.8 did. At least the - for public use deprecated - functions
png_read_destroy and png_write_destroy have been removed from the list
of exported symbols. I don't know whether that was by purpose or by
accident but fact is that gimp's png plugin fails to build/load now.
Patching[1] gimp isn't complicated, though.



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