Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Apr 14 17:19:54 PDT 2006

Hi all,

A new version of libpng was released today and there are some changes
I'd like to throw out on the table for discussion. Here are summarized

1. The package is now autotooled.
2. The autotooled installation doesn't exactly work how the author
wanted it to, so he is recommending to use the custom makefiles as
in the past.
3. The autotooled version actually could be used.
4. The custom makefile installation is broken.
5. Nothing in the above is difficult to fix.
6. There are no API changes to speak of. This release is mostly
just bug-fixes, the change to autotools, and some new additional
custom makefiles.

Here is the expanded versions of the above.

#'s 1-3: The autotooled version compiles and installs fine. As best
as I can tell, the library builds correctly and automatically finds
and pulls in libz and libm. The pkgconfig .pc file is correct without
modification or patching. The only issue is the maintainer thinks
because the library version name is inconsistent with past versions,
that the custom makefile method should be used.

Here is what I see would be different using the autotooled version.
(btw - the INSTALL file says to use autotools and CMMI). The library
name is different. Instead of the autotooled
version would be Symlink names remain the same: and As in the previous versions, there
is also libpng.3xxx series also.

Because the symlink names remain the same, there should be no issues
with packages linking to the libpng libraries.

#4: The custom makefile is broken in that libz and libm do not get
pulled in. The patch we've used in the past does not apply, so there
is some trivial work to get this custom makefile to produce a
workable library.

In the Trac bug, Dan has mentioned that he feels we could go with
the autotooled version of the library safely. I feel likewise.

Suggestions, concerns, discussion and other comments are welcome. I
won't do anything until after the Easter weekend, so let's say that
on Tuesday evening (3/18) we'll call for a vote on how to proceed.

And, BTW, Happy Easter to everyone.


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