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Guy Dalziel krendoshazin at
Fri Apr 14 11:10:00 PDT 2006

On 14/04/06, Randy McMurchy <randy at> wrote:
> For example, the a2ps package has a page already created named 'A2PS'.
> All capitalized. Of course, nowhere in the XML or anywhere else is
> a2ps referenced all capitalized, yet the Wiki page was created like
> this. There would be no way of knowing how the pages are named.
I noticed that as well after a quick flick through the wiki and
matching them to the pages, there aren't too many wiki pages and a lot
of them aren't directly a package page, these are what I pulled out
and were also lowercase linked on the package page.
Python, Nano, A2PS, Cdrtools, PPP, Thunderbird, Lynx, LinksBrowser

In the case of A2PS the package page is a2ps and I think it would be
sensible to match the wiki page to the package page case for case,
including Links rather than LinksBrowser, most notably in the case of
After this is should be relatively simple to grab the package name
from `name`-`version`, using the hyphen to explode it, and
automatically assume that the matching wiki page to the associated
name has the proper case according to the package name.

Perhaps this data could be grabbed from the title of the page itself.

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