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Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Apr 14 10:56:21 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 04/14/06 12:25 CST:

> For packages that have pages already created and don't match the
> link, I'll update the links.
> For the ones that don't yet exist, we'll have to make a determination
> on whether to just create all the pages, or do something else.

This is going to be a bit more than I thought it would be. For one,
there is no easy way to determine what pages have already been
created (anybody know if there is a way to determine this?).

Another thing is that some of the pages that have been created, such
as the page for the a2ps package, are created without any rhyme or
reason on how the name was chosen.

For example, the a2ps package has a page already created named 'A2PS'.
All capitalized. Of course, nowhere in the XML or anywhere else is
a2ps referenced all capitalized, yet the Wiki page was created like
this. There would be no way of knowing how the pages are named.

Anybody got any ideas how we can go about finding out the names of
the already created pages? Or better yet, how to rename them?


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