Ticket Cleanup (Perl Modules discussion)

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Thu Apr 13 17:17:46 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Give me until tomorrow to look at this. The issue is that many of
> the Perl Modules referenced are not available any longer (from CPAN)
> and can only be retrieved via our BLFS package servers.

Wow, I never noticed before, but did you notice that the link in the 6.1 
book here:


Actually points to the SVN directory?


Sorry, maybe I am realllllly out of it today, but I always thought it 
pointed to the 6.1 directory.

Because of case sensitivity I would need to add the SVN/Perl_Modules/ 
directory (we have a lowercase svn directory) and put 1 file in it. 
While I can do it, it seems a bit strange to break the standard 
(lowercase) and add a directory for 1 file.  But if it is so wished, I 
can track down the original format modules and do this.

> But here is the issue. Can/will Justin update the master MD5sum file
> every time just *one* of the perl modules is updated? This seems to
> be a hassle, but if he is willing to do it, not only would it be
> appreciated by me, it would be a great thing for folks that wonder
> if their download matches expectations.

They are often updated all or none, so it hasn't been a hassle as of 
yet.  For 6.2 or 6.1a or whatever the next release is, you can reference 
this file as it isn't going anywhere again, or at least no repo 
rebuilds/changes are planed as of yet.  ;)

> Justin, you up to this? Do keep in mind that I don't update the Perl
> Modules that often, and when I do, it typically is many all at one
> time. Very rarely, if ever, are they done onezy, twozy.

Yep, I have noticed.  So I don't mind.  I am still slowly working on my 
scripts to ease the load.  It still needs to be run manually and have me 
watch over it, because of prdownloads.sourceforge.net links, broken 
links, which old files to delete and so on, but I don't have to type 
anything, just copy/paste url's, so its cool.


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