Ticket Cleanup (Perl Modules discussion)

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Apr 13 16:54:32 PDT 2006

Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 04/13/06 18:37 CST:

> Should we just close ticket 1644 as wontfix?
> Randy?

Give me until tomorrow to look at this. The issue is that many of
the Perl Modules referenced are not available any longer (from CPAN)
and can only be retrieved via our BLFS package servers.

And because there are no MD5sums for the CPAN packages, it would
be nice to include MD5s to verify the download. But this is a courtesy
we are providing, that even the maintainers and CPAN don't provide.
So I can go either way with it.

But here is the issue. Can/will Justin update the master MD5sum file
every time just *one* of the perl modules is updated? This seems to
be a hassle, but if he is willing to do it, not only would it be
appreciated by me, it would be a great thing for folks that wonder
if their download matches expectations.

Justin, you up to this? Do keep in mind that I don't update the Perl
Modules that often, and when I do, it typically is many all at one
time. Very rarely, if ever, are they done onezy, twozy.


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