Ticket Cleanup

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Thu Apr 13 16:45:30 PDT 2006

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Thanks Justin.  Right now the BLFS 6.1 links doesn't resolve.  That's
> OK.  The SVN version does not have a link to the md5sums file.

Doh, I misread it as for svn and not 6.1.  Well, for 6.1, I can do it if 
you guys want.  I would need to add a Perl_Modules directory, and it 
would be a pain to get the 6.1 modules in their original formats.  6 of 
the links on the 6.1 perl modules page are already broken.

IMO, it would be nice to wontfix it and put the svn version md5sums in 
the book.


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