Games for BLFS

John Gnew john_linux at
Thu Apr 13 07:40:16 PDT 2006

Because I was starting to have an issue keeping track of where I found a 
game, how to install it, and what packages were required to install some 
of the different games that I like,  I started to create XML files 
similar the BLFS files to address the installs and requirements. This 
allows me to have my own html book that I can refer to that could be 
merged in with the current BLFS book.

We have created some wiki pages of what I have so far. Go to and select the link 
for "BLFS Games (very alpha)".

What I am looking for is some input for additional games that I can 
include. I personally like various card games and casino games but am 
having problems finding them in source.

Also, let me know is this is something worth while or a complete waist 
of time.


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