LFS needs a new server.

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Tue Apr 11 10:14:09 PDT 2006

This is a request for donations.

The LFS server is creaking along poorly.  It is a 750MHz/512MB Ram/2 x
9G SCSI system.  It frequently has high load factors and out of memory

Right now, Gerard is funding the server hosting fees from the meager
PayPal donations he receives and supplementing it with his personal
funds.  I am paying for anduin's fees.

I am soliciting donations to the LFS Server Fund.  We only need $1000
US.  Please consider giving whatever you can afford.

You can donate via PayPal:


If you don't want to (or can't) use PayPal please send a check directly
to Gerard:

Gerard Beekmans
911 Wilson Way
Canmore, AB
T1W 2Y8


  -- Bruce

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