Subversion instructions/dependencies

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Apr 10 17:12:58 PDT 2006

On 4/10/06, Chris Staub <chris at> wrote:
> I attempted looking at the configure scripts, and from what little I
> know it seems that the main subversion configure script looks for expat
> already installed on the system, then if expat isn't found, it passes a
> parameter to the neon configure script telling it to use the expat in

Looks like it.  This is super-lame:

          # If we have apr-util and it's bundled expat, we can point neon
          # there, otherwise, neon is on its own to find expat.
          if test -f "$abs_builddir/apr-util/xml/expat/lib/expat.h" ; then

I kind of see the logic to it, though.  If you don't have expat and
you need to use the internal supplied one, then the subversion
configure has to provide some way for neon to find it.

Here is one possible solution:

"If you have libxml2 installed and you would like the supplied Neon to
use that library, issue the following sed"

sed -i 's@ --with-expat.*@"@' configure

This is untested.  Chris, maybe you could see if that works?  I think
it will because not supplying --with-expat to the neon configure will
not neuter it's default checks which should find libxml2.


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