Subversion instructions/dependencies

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Apr 10 17:06:41 PDT 2006

Chris Staub wrote these words on 04/10/06 18:47 CST:

> If I pass "--with-libxml2" to configure, and have libxml2 installed, why 
> shouldn't I expect it to be used? Basically, it's not acting as 
> expected, and that should be documented.

No Chris, I don't buy it. You wouldn't put things how I asked, so that
I could make a logical determination of your setup. I don't understand
why you would give all that info, and not logically lay it out as I
asked. Oh well.

I do know that you won't say what Apr you have installed. This is the
whole key. But you won't let on to what is, and what is not installed.

For example, if you don't have Apache, or APR installed, expat will
be *required*. If it is not on your system, it will *have* to come
from the tree. If expat is coming from the tree already, Subversion
must figure it should use it for Neon as well. Remember, Neon wants
expat over libxml.

Again, I'm just guessing because you won't provide the details. Only
vague speculation is what I'm getting. If you want to use libxml
in neon, then install expat, what is the problem?

You're going to get Expat on your system either way. You might as
well use the latest/greatest from the BLFS book as *you* mentioned.


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