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Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Apr 10 15:43:56 PDT 2006

Chris Staub wrote these words on 04/10/06 17:18 CST:
> As I mentioned in ticket 1797 - 

That ticket is closed and nothing in it gives me any clue what you
are requesting. All I can see is that you didn't pass --without-expat
so that it wouldn't look for it. I'm not sure that would help your
situation, because I don't fully understand your situation.

Neon now uses Expat by default, and you have to go out of your way
so that it is not used.

> - Subversion 1.3.0 has 
> an issue with libxml2 where it does not actually use libxml2 (even if 
> you pass "--with-libxml2" to configure) unless expat is also installed 
> on the system. This still applies to version 1.3.1, and should be 
> addressed in BLFS.

I'm not sure what you mean, but my experience was otherwise. I suppose
you need to break this down a bit more simple for me. I.e., spell it
out like this (I'm guessing, I'm not saying this is what you did or
anything, this is for example purposes only):

1. I don't want x, y, z packages installed on my system, and they
are not installed.

2. I have x, y, z packages installed on my system. (relevant to a
subversion installation)

3. I passed these options to configure (--x --y --z, etc)

4. I was expecting this (describe what you were expecting)

5. I got this instead (describe what you feel was different than what
you were expecting).

If you break it down like that Chris, I promise to look into it. I
just don't have the time, nor skill, to try and guess what your earlier
descriptions meant. Sorry for seeming so backward about this, but I
know if you provide info asked for in 1-5 above, it will help a whole


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