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Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Apr 9 14:12:26 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 04/09/06 15:33 CST:

>     sed -i "1,/<\/sect2>/ s|.*</sect2>|    <para condition=\"html\" role=\"usernotes\">User Notes:\\
>     <ulink url=\"\&blfs-wiki;/`basename $FILENAME .xml`\"/></para>\\
> \\

I forgot to mention, I'll run the following sed also against a list of
all the package .xml files:

sed -i -e '/<seglistitem>/,/<\/seglistitem>/ s/\[/{/g' \
       -e '/<seglistitem>/,/<\/seglistitem>/ s/\]/}/g' \

This should have the affect of changing all the .[so,a] instances to
.{so,a} and the instances where the directory listings have brackets
instead of braces.


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