problem starting gnome 2.12.2

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Sat Apr 8 09:49:36 PDT 2006

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Yes, the _pages_ must be rewritten and no there is no way that Xorg-7.0
> is anywhere near ready for a quick release.  Ag's suggestion of 10
> pages, seems most sensible here, even though it doesn't follow the X
> developers' logical package types.  I've disliked that layout since the
> first change made after the initial commit, and my dislike has only
> grown.  I recently tried to organize and clarify it a bit better, but
> it's just not working for me.

It's a very hard job you've been attempting. I've kept away from the 
xorg-7 page through pure cowardice. I've built it several times (with 
the help of, I based my 
script on xorg/util/modular/ but I don't really understand it. 
It's too complicated, like the nuclear power station in the bike shed 
analogy . Maybe if we 
split it up into ten pages we might start to get a grip on it. But how 
do you split up a nuclear power station?


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