PAM (from D-Bus/HAL discussion)

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Sat Apr 8 09:13:31 PDT 2006

Jürg Billeter wrote:
> Ah, you're talking about mounting on demand, I don't call that
> automounting as it can be misleading. So as recap, what I call
> automounting is: plug in your usb stick, do nothing, stick gets mounted
> (optionally window appears with content). You call automounting: plug in
> your usb stick, click in file manager on device, file manager mounts
> stick. Is this interpretation right?

Indeed. Sorry if I used the wrong term. I prefer it if things are not 
mounted until I need them. It annoys me if I have a CD in the drive when 
I boot into windows and it opens a pop up asking what to do. I have to 
click it away just so it doesn't do anything. Same if I boot into 
Mandrake or SuSE and they have HAL running. I get an icon on the desktop 
that I didn't want

> Automounting normally needs HAL and an automounter like
> gnome-volume-manager or ivman. Mounting on demand doesn't need anything
> special, that's just a functionality some file managers like nautilus
> provide.

I have no need for anything more. As long as I can access removable 
media on demand there's no problem.


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