PAM (from D-Bus/HAL discussion)

Ag Hatzim zkom.xl at
Sat Apr 8 08:13:55 PDT 2006

Andrew Benton(b3nt at, Apr 08, 2006 at 03:50:05PM +0100:
> Well obviously, if there's no suitable entry in /etc/fstab then I'd have 
> to become root to be able to mount something.
> I don't like the idea of using a daemon running in the background all 
> the time. Working out what to put in /etc/fstab and writing udev rules 
> so it all works properly are part of administering a system.
> For example, it would create a problem to plug 2 usb memory devices in 
> at once because they couldn't both be /dev/sda1. In that situation I'd 
> need to write udev rules to put the different devices on different nodes 
> in /dev and then use entries in /etc/fstab to mount them in different 
> places. In practice, it doesn't happen. The kids just plug in on device 
> at a time.

Hi Andy.
I wonder if you can make a summary and put all this information into the
wiki. :)

> The hard part was teaching them to right click and unmount the device 
> before unplugging it. ROX works slightly better than Nautilus in that 
> regard. In ROX, when you navigate away from a folder you've mounted it 
> asks you if it should unmount it or take no action. In Nautilus you have 
> to remember to right click and unmount it.

Off topic,but I would like to ask if we can put the Rox-filler into the
book.Simple,stable,lighting fast an excellent tool.

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