PAM (from D-Bus/HAL discussion)

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Apr 7 19:14:41 PDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-04-07 at 21:01 -0500, Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> I believe it can mount a CD when inserted.  Perhaps that can be combined
> with a gnome program to automatically play a music CD.  Or perhaps there
> is something else in gnome with the equivalent functionality.

Gosh, Bruce, I'm asking technical questions and you are giving generic
answers full of conjecture. I appreciate your contribution to the
thread, but please offer something technical. You offered 3 sentences,
one leads with "I believe", the other two with "perhaps".

How about offering something along the lines of "I know this to be a
fact because ....."

I realize I'm going to be considered out-of-line for talking this way.
But it shouldn't be that way. I'm only trying to get technical 
details. "perhaps, maybe, possibly" doesn't help here.

There has been lots of "perhaps, maybe, possibly" and almost every
one of them are different.

Hopefully, you see my point in wanting technical details.


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