PAM (from D-Bus/HAL discussion)

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Fri Apr 7 15:20:17 PDT 2006

On 4/7/06, Andrew Benton <b3nt at> wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
> > When you plug in a device, there is no filesystem for that device yet,
> > so how does FAM notify anything?
> I don't know

Possibly it isn't FAM at all.  Randy might be right.

> > And then what does it notify so that an appropriate fstab entry is
> > created. And what tells the operating how to create that fstab entry?
> The fstab entries are already there
> /dev/sda1 /mnt/mp3 auto user,noauto 0 0
> /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy auto user,noauto 0 0
> /dev/dvd /mnt/cdrom auto user,noauto 0 0

Maybe this is how it's done without HAL.  On my old system when I
didn't have HAL support in gnome-vfs, I'd still get the CD icon and
automount in gnome.  But I already had the entries in /etc/fstab.

Andy, what happens if you don't have fstab entries and no HAL?  I
wouldn't be able to test unless I rebuilt gnome-vfs without HAL (and I
don't feel like doing that).

Take a look at libgnomevfs/gnome-vfs-volume-monitor-daemon.c.  It
seems to indicate that there volume monitoring with or without HAL
through the preprocessor define USE_HAL.  Here's something

/* In the event we can't connect to the HAL daemon this boolean is TRUE
 * and we fall back to the usual fstab/mtab monitoring.
 * This is also useful for maintaing the non-HAL code on a system with
 * HAL installed.
#ifdef USE_HAL
static gboolean dont_use_hald = TRUE;
#endif /* USE_HAL */


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