Xorg 7 and GTK+ programs

Christoph Berg Christoph.Berg at kpm-sport.de
Fri Apr 7 04:55:37 PDT 2006

Well, it would be a typical patch addition to the xorg-server package. Nothing 
more. Like it was done for luit. This should not be that compilcated.

Am Freitag 07 April 2006 13:45 schrieb Ag Hatzim:
> The only problem i see is that the instructions (all in one single page)
> are already complicated as they are now.
> Maybe a dedicated Xorg-modular section,with every module in its own page
> (kinda like gnome) is needed.
> Anyway i am trying a clean build right now,in a spare partition and see
> what happens,i will try the patch too,with the updated versions.
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