Xorg 7 and GTK+ programs

Christoph Berg Christoph.Berg at kpm-sport.de
Fri Apr 7 04:09:42 PDT 2006

Hello Ag,

I have tried the patch and after rebuilding the xorg-server package, 
everything works as it should. So no need for downgrading the compositeproto 
and fixesproto package.

Fine regards,
Christoph Berg

Am Freitag 07 April 2006 12:55 schrieb Ag Hatzim:
> Yes i see the same problem,with firefox/mozilla and gvim.
> The same applications seems to work fine to non EWMH/NetWM compatible X
> Window Manager.
> I will try first to downgrade compositeproto and fixesproto and see if that
> fix the problem.
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