Status: BLFS FTP Packages

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Thu Apr 6 21:05:51 PDT 2006

BSCH wrote:
The Livecd only have 400mb. The normal CD maybe have 600mb. so maybe add 
some other usefull BLFS
package source and BLFS book into livecd. e.g Xorg, most linux user 
maybe use it. Firfox or mozilla.
or other. if people use the livecd to build their LFS, their could build 
a system to make basic work.

This should probably be taken to the LiveCD list.  In any case, you 
should take a look at the LiveCD before mentioning adding new packages. 
  It already has Xorg, Mozilla (or seamonkey or firefox/thunderbird, 
depending on version) and tons of other programs and tools:

And in my opinion, just having more room on the CD doesn't mean lets add 
more stuff!  ;)

Please make all further replies to the LiveCD list if you want to keep 
talking about LiveCD.


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