Status: BLFS FTP Packages

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Thu Apr 6 20:53:29 PDT 2006

Justin R. Knierim!

  The Livecd only have 400mb. The normal CD maybe have 600mb. so maybe add some other usefull BLFS package source and BLFS book into livecd. e.g Xorg, most linux user maybe use it. Firfox or mozilla.or other. if people use the livecd to build their LFS, their could build a system to make basic work.


======= 2006-04-07 08:38:22 Your Mail Write=======

>Hi guys,
>Ok, svn version packages are all up and all in their original format. 
>Some packages are still doubled with both bz2 and gz in conglomeration, 
>but mostly because some files haven't been updated since BLFS 6.1.  I'll 
>start clearing up some of those packages, but transitioning 6.1 packages 
>to original versions will probably be a nightmare.  I'll see how far I get.
>If you notice any problems or missing things, let me know.
>Now to go build some LiveCD's to see all the packages/SHA1SUMS I will 
>need to change!
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