Gnome's Evince and Poppler

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Apr 6 11:01:30 PDT 2006

Hi all,

It appears that some of the GNOME stable packages are playing with devel
versions of other packages and I'm not sure which direction to go.

Best I can tell, Evince wants a minimum of version 0.5.1 of the Poppler
library. The 0.5.x versions are development snapshots. The 0.4 x series
is current stable.

Any advice from anyone on which way to go here? KDEgraphics uses Poppler
as well, but I'm not sure what version, and I don't know how much 
API/ABI changes there are between Poppler 0.5.x and 0.4.x.

Anybody got this figured out yet?


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