mutt nitpick

Archaic archaic at
Wed Apr 5 10:45:34 PDT 2006

"Mutt requires a group named mail. You can add this group, if it does
not exist, with this command:"

This is not really accurate. I have never had a mail group. However,
under some circumstances, it might be needed. The only thing that comes
to mind is creating an mbox file the first time cause the actual file
itself will (should) be owned by the user and mutt running as that user
will be able to write to it.

I don't know how to best describe it, though. In different scenarios,
either procmail or an MTA will create those files.


In some setups, Mutt requires a group named mail. If you know you do not
need the mail group, skip this instruction and the following chgrp
command. Otherwise, if the mail group does not already exist, add it
with the following command:

Hrmmm. As I wrote this it just dawned on me that if you know you don't
need it, you would skip it regardless of what the book says. Oh well,
just trying to be technically accurate. ;)


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