PAM (from D-Bus/HAL discussion)

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Wed Apr 5 09:15:41 PDT 2006

Jürg Billeter wrote:

> HAL 0.5.7 works just fine with dbus 0.6x. As already has been pointed
> out on the list, HAL 0.5.7 replaced fstab-sync by mount methods callable
> via dbus. Therefore e.g. gnome-volume-manager and gnome-vfs will need
> gnome-mount to use this new functionality. The only problematic part
> here is that by default only console users have permission to use these
> mount methods and easy console-detection is only possible with
> pam_console or similar which is not part of BLFS.

As far a PAM goes, we could point to for external PAM

pam_console is from Red Hat.  If we need it, I think we would have to
extract it from the source RPM as I can't find a separate tar file.  I
suspect it is probably a single .c file with some accompanying .h files.

  -- Bruce

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