Xorg 7 - various comments

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Apr 4 19:29:47 PDT 2006

Chris Staub wrote:
> 1. Xorg-cf-files and imake do not need the "--with-config-dir" option - 
> ${prefix}/lib/X11/config is the default.

I'm going to have to look into that further.  I've disposed of what 
notes I had on it.  It was put in IIRC to do with a problem with xmkmf. 
  I can not see how the default will not work, so it probably is 

> 2. Xbitmaps - "make" does nothing

No, but it does for the other two data packages and doesn't hurt 
xbitmaps.  That was a style issue more than anything, save some screen 
space, but making the page look non-distractive has pretty much gone 
right out the window.  :-)  Please see below concerning luit for more on 

> 3. libdrm is a dependency of MesaLib, not Xorg

Will be corrected.

> 4. I don't like the xorg-server instructions that assume a specific 
> place for the Mesa source. I would prefer doing what used to be done 
> with tcl in LFS - "export MESADIR=`pwd`" from the Mesa source dir, then 
> have the xorg-server instructions refer to --with-mesa-source=${MESADIR}.

Agreed.  See my previous reply.

> 5. At exactly what point is luit supposed to be installed? There's a 
> note in the Apps section stating not to install luit until after fonts 
> are installed, followed by a note saying to install the other "Data" 
> packages, then it tells you to install luit. 

I think my poor layout has allowed you to miss the attempted 
organization of the page.  It needs more definition, I know.  The goal 
for that page is to keep from writing a book within a book.  The modular 
Xorg has ~280 packages.  In order to keep the instructions somewhat sane 
(IOW do not add 280 new pages and a new chapter, all with very similar 
instructions), the page was divided into logical sections, divided as 
freedesktop.org has divided them.

The note you've mentioned, tells you to skip the luit instructions until 
later.  Placement of the luit instructions are in the Applications 
section, with like packages.  The grouping of the instructions and the 
interdependencies have made it impossible to make a linear set of 
instructions, not to mention two notes together that make the 
Applications section look really odd.  I will see what can be done to 
clarify that a bit more.  Keep in mind that the 'wait on luit' note 
needs to be close to the Application build instructions so that it is 
seen before luit is installed in error.

If the above hasn't been more confusing, I am open to any additional 
suggestions you may have on the xorg-7 page.  Thanks.

-- DJ Lucas

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