Xorg 7 - various comments

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Mon Apr 3 20:02:37 PDT 2006

1. Xorg-cf-files and imake do not need the "--with-config-dir" option - 
${prefix}/lib/X11/config is the default.

2. Xbitmaps - "make" does nothing

3. libdrm is a dependency of MesaLib, not Xorg

4. I don't like the xorg-server instructions that assume a specific 
place for the Mesa source. I would prefer doing what used to be done 
with tcl in LFS - "export MESADIR=`pwd`" from the Mesa source dir, then 
have the xorg-server instructions refer to --with-mesa-source=${MESADIR}.

5. At exactly what point is luit supposed to be installed? There's a 
note in the Apps section stating not to install luit until after fonts 
are installed, followed by a note saying to install the other "Data" 
packages, then it tells you to install luit. Then there is another note 
after the Fonts section telling you to install luit. Which is it?

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