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Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Apr 3 06:12:44 PDT 2006

Hi all,

In a message dated January 20th, posted at it says
"the automated build is currently broken. The latest source can be
obtained using CVS."

There has not been a release of Tidy since the end of October of last
year. This is more than 5 months ago. Before this "breakage", Tidy was
one of the most active, fast-moving package sources in all of
open-source software.

Though it appears that development has slowed somewhat, there have been
commits to the repo (issue fixes) within the last 9 days.

I'm wondering if, until this 'breakage' is fixed and tarballs are again
being released, if we shouldn't every once in a while fetch a copy of
CVS and create our own tarball. I would volunteer to do it, and test
Tidy before releasing the tarball for our BLFS Book use.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.


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