Subverson-1.3.0 / BDB [Update]

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Apr 2 22:01:33 PDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 22:07 -0600, Archaic wrote:

> And building against 4.3 is a viable method of testing. 

Using Anduin where DB-4.3.x is installed, the Subversion-1.3.0 tests
all ran fine. No problems. Here is what I've found in the last 20

1. The test completes fine using BDB-4.3.x.
2. I found a message from a Slack developer who said "he heard reports
that SVN-1.3.0 had problems with BDB-4.4.x".
3. I found a message in the SVN mail lists where someone had trouble
and replies mentioned that they "thought" it was broken and SVN won't
support BDB-4.4.x until version 1.3.1.

So, that leaves us with what to do. Do keep in mind that the SVN dev's
now recommend using FSFS as the default. That doesn't help folks that
have current BDB repos and can't/won't dump and then reload into FSFS.


1. Update the book and place a warning message that SVN doesn't play
nicely using the current LFS and BLFS version of BDB.

2. Keep what we have (SVN-1.2.3) that to the best of my knowledge works
okay with BDB-4.4.x.

3. Other suggestions.

Seems odd that an older version (1.2.3) works with the BDB-4.4 and the
new version (1.3.0) does not. Let's see, that means the SVN devs took
working code, modified it into a broken state and then released it as
a new version? :-)


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