Subverson-1.3.0 / BDB

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Apr 2 20:38:22 PDT 2006

Archaic wrote these words on 04/02/06 22:28 CST:

> While FSFS means there is a physical copy of the current revision of a
> file, BDB is still needed to index the changes, so perhaps this is a
> stopper afterall? Just out of curiosity, have you tried any db-4.3.x's?

Didn't see you asked the question about DB-4.3.x. Answer to that
question is:

DB-4.4.x is in LFS, I don't have any control over that. We *must*
assume that it will be installed as package installation instructions
are created for BLFS. What good would it do to try something that we
cannot use?


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