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Sun Apr 2 06:50:03 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm sending this message as a summary of recent updates to the Guile
scheme stuff in the BLFS book. Hopefully, everyone agrees with what has
been done. If you don't, please say something about it. At the end of
the summary, a brief synopsis of the GnuCash situation is presented.

1. Updated the Guile Scheme Interpreter package to 1.8.0. This is a
major update to Guile, but it was fairly painless and it appears the
dependencies (backward and forward) work properly with it.

2. Updated the SLIB Scheme Library package to 3a3. This was mostly a
bug-fix release. Understand that SLIB is not designed exclusively for
use with Guile, it is a general purpose scheme library for use with
any of the *many* available scheme interpreters, Guile being one of
them. Fortunately, it appears to play nicely with the updated version
of Guile.

3. (This one is big) Updated the G-Wrap package to the 1.9.6 development
version. I felt there was really no choice. In order to stay with the
1.3.4 'stable' version (which is a dead GLib-1 based project), I would
have had to patch the Guile code in G-Wrap to work with the new version
of Guile. I don't know the Scheme language, and have no desire to learn
it. I could not find patches or fixes anywhere.

My belief is that this is a safe update. Here is my reasoning:

a) G-Wrap-1.9.6 includes a 1.3 backwards-compatible API as they have
to continue to provide support for GnuCash until the Gtk-2 port is
finished and released.

b) Compiled with GLib-1 support, the 1.9.6 version works with the GLib-1
versions of GnuCash.

c) G-Wrap really isn't used by anything to speak of other than GnuCash.

The current version of GnuCash is, unfortunately, a Gtk-1/GNOME-1.4
application. Work is being done on a Gtk-2/GNOME-2 port. There are
beta versions available already. Until the Gtk-2 port version
(GnuCash-2) is ready, the above listed packages are all required in
order for GnuCash to build and run properly. Note that they will all
still be required in the Gtk-2 version, but G-Wrap can then be linked
to the the GLib-2 packages.

I believe the above listed combination of packages provides a good,
working Guile Scheme platform with an accompanying SLIB library while
still providing support for GnuCash. If anyone knows if any issues I
am unaware of, or need to consider, please let me know.


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