Wireless update (long)

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sun Apr 2 00:57:08 PST 2006

Joe Ciccone wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> $ iwconfig ath0 essid "NETGEAR" channel 11 ap 00:14:6C:09:C9:E7
> This is overkill most of the time. This is what my system does when it
> udev sees ath0. This can probably be easily incorperated into the
> bootscripts, I'll play around with it.
> iwconfig ath0 essid Ciccone &&
> iwconfig ath0 mode Managed &&
> iwconfig ath0 key restricted [wep key here] &&
> ip link set ath0 up &&
> ip addr add broadcast dev ath0 &&
> ip route add default via dev ath0

I appreciate the info, but I'm now trying to get the WPA encryption
working.  I checked out the card/access point connection in another OS
and it works fine...

I've set the access point to use "WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK" which is defined as
"This selection allows clients to use either WPA (with AES) or WPA2
(with TKIP). If selected, encryption must be TKIP + AES. The WPA
passphrase (Network key) must also be entered."

The passphrase is 12345678 (for now).


I tried:
iwconfig ath0 essid SACCIS
iwconfig ath0 mode Managed (which I think is redundant on this card)
iwconfig ath0 key restricted s:12345678
ifconfig ath0 up

At this point I should get a connection, but I don't.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

  -- Bruce

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