BLFS-svn xorg.conf file location

Dan Winkler cryptoniks at
Sat Apr 1 20:18:36 PST 2006

I have followe all the instructions for installing Xorg-7.0
everything went perfect. the test of my `/ file showed 
everything working.

so I attempted to move it to its final location Per BLFS-svn 03/31/06

E.G mv `/ /etx/X11/xorg.conf

problem is following the X 7 build instructions it appears there is no 
/etc/X11 directory.

This has got me confused big time all programs from the build are present.

i can do a startx (it fails with out a proper config and xterm of course) 
but X is in fact installed.

so is this a typo? if so where are we supposed to place the final tested 
xorg.conf file now

Thank you in advance for your feed back.
I have also CC'd this to BLFS-dev and if this double posted im sorry it 
seemed like the first one didnt go through.

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