Xorg7.0 (Xorg.conf confusion)

Dan Winkler cryptoniks at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 1 19:59:12 PST 2006

Folling the instrctions set forth in the current BLFS svn in the Xorg7.0 

the install went wonderfully all seems to be working properly out the gate 
(including my DRM eg no errors
I run the test X -config ~/xorg.conf.new

and get my test screen with no hard crashes and mouse is moving just fine.

ctrl+alt+bckspace out and see it started up just fine.

thus I proceed to move the xorg.conf.new file to it's final home...problem

/etc/X11 doesn't exsist!! all the apps are being seen (eg x then a tab lists 
a large number of X related commands

im thinking this is a typo and as such where do we actually but our working 
conf file?

or do we just mkdir /etc/X11 and place the file there?

Im tired and really really confused and have also CC'd this to BLFS-Dev

any help is much appreciated thank you

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