OOo2 Build Instructions Gimped

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Nov 30 19:47:51 PST 2005

Jeremy Byron wrote:

> Sorry, I wasn't aware of the use of the files, just the existence of the 
> same sort of issue.  People could also conceivably cross-compile for a 
> 486/586 machine from a faster one; how fast it would run on such a 
> machine isn't really an issue.  As for FreeBSD.. I plead ignorance 
> again; of course you don't need to support that (though, if you do end 
> up making a patch for the files I think you should support, another file 
> wouldn't hurt matters for the sake of consistency).
> Regards,
> Jeremy.

Okay...I prefer seds for education where practical:

sed -i '/^ARCH_FLAGS\*=/d' solenv/inc/unx{lngi{4,5,6},fbsdi}.mk


-- DJ Lucas

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