OOo2 Build Instructions Gimped

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Nov 29 21:43:16 PST 2005

Jeremy Byron wrote:

> Oh, and one more thing.. in the note about swapping in 
> '--with-system-mozilla,' you might consider adding a '--with-firefox' 
> suggestion for those with firefox rather than the mozilla suite.  I 
> don't believe there's a similar option for thunderbird.

It's commented in the xml source...just not added yet because of the 
patch.  I think I'll rewrite the header and pull the TB check and just 
go with it for now.  It'll take me a day yet, but it should be rendered 
by far as using TB libs when possible, it shouldn't be 
that big of a deal, just no time.  Also, just FYI, a full mozilla build 
is not what is obtained from the mozilla tarball...or it's not installed 
I should say...I'm not completely sure what happens with the internal 
build ATM.

-- DJ Lucas

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