OOo2 Build Instructions Gimped

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Nov 29 20:30:59 PST 2005

Jeremy Byron wrote:

> Affected files:
> solenv/inc/unxlngi{4,5,6}.mk
> solenv/inc/

Yes.  If you are building this on a 486 or 586 you are just plain nuts, 
:-) but I suppose a uname hack or an i4/i5 opt could have been passed to 
force the use of those files.  Free BSD on the other hand, is totally 
unsupported by BLFS, though they are more than welcome to take away 
patches, ideas and the like....i took a patch from Free/Net BSD builds 
for JavaWS IIRC.  I'd have to take a look back at the first set of BLFS 
patches for JDK-1.5.0 for the attributions.

-- DJ Lucas

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